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Anne-Claire's work is candid, creative and soft with a use of natural light that gives the most stunning images. "I love telling stories and writing them with light!" Passionate about travel and photography, she'll follow you anywhere from Hawaii to New Zealand via Asia.

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Anne-Claire Brun

Vintage Chic New Orleans Wedding at Race & Religious

I am aching to visit New Orleans and this wedding right here (and this stylish bride) captures why I'm so obsessed. Moody and romantic, rich in history and always ready to party, this wedding, like its host city, is full of personality. Anne-Claire Brun's photos are spilling over with this eclectic energy and until I'm able to escape to the Big Easy...


Rustic Summer Wedding in the South of France

I think I've discovered my happy place thanks to these gorgeous photos by Anne-Claire Brun. She captured this rustic, romantic wedding, held at Domaine de Blanche Fleur in the south of France, where Les Mignonneries, the Bride's own company...


Prospect Park Boathouse Wedding from Anne-Claire Brun Photography

I love a Bride with a vision, particularly when that vision is as beautiful as this. Because the pretty things that danced around in this lovely Bride's head during her planning process turned out to be whimsical perfection. With details that make your heart flutter and a love that will make it do flips, every image from Anne-Claire Brun is happiness defined.


Central Park Engagement Session from Anne-Claire Brun Photography

This time last week, those of us on the east coast were hunkering down for hurricane Nemo. We woke up to a winter wonderland to say the least, and I just love that these two cuties took advantage of the stunning snowy scene for their engagement session. Because not only did they have a day full of memories, but they also now have a gallery of gorgeous images to give those memories life thanks to...